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A game of poker has a very sexy prize when you’re playing against this hot young British guy. The winner takes all – literally. That means whoever loses, has to bend over and take the other guy’s stiff cock deep in their ass and be pounded hard and raw. The winner wont stop fucking until he’s ready to pull his dick out and shoot his sperm deep down the throat of the ‘loser’. In this sexy poker game, you’re the winner.

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It’s Pride week and the top gay VR porn site is celebrating by inviting you to ram the tight butt of one of the hottest men in Brazil – Lucas Fox. Show your pride by stepping into the sauna with the hairy chested Latino and making sweet, but hard, gay love to him. As you explode your cum all over his dark smoulderingly good looking face, think how good it is to be gay and in VR!

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Young Turkish stud Bastian Karim stars in one of the best solo VR gay masturbation videos. Filmed to the latest VR specs in full 5K and 60fps, with 180 degrees of VR headset motion tracking. We see the beautiful Bastian mess around in his job – which he’s not very good at. He even falls into the pool he’s supposed to be cleaning. Still, we get to see his fantastic young body semi-naked, and then in all its glory as he decides to take a break and escape his boring work by getting his stiff cock out and stroking it ever more furioiusly..

Spiderman’s Secret Gay VR

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Spider-Man Homecoming premiere is nothing compared to this gay porn scene in Virtual Reality. You’re getting the chance to reveal not only this hero’s little secret, but also something bigger and harder. The secret to his real superpower… you know what I mean. So get your ass ready to be banged by hot blonde Kayden Gray’s huge cock. You know, with great erection comes great responsibility.

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The fact that Summer is coming to an end won’t ruin the amazing views at the swimming pool: hotties as Ashley Rider in swimsuit, fresh out of the water, all his body well wet. You can pretend as much as you want, but truth is we would really like having them very close and touch them with your own hands. Well, that’s Virtual Reality for; for you to hit hot guys at the swimming pool. Go for your VR Headset and live the immersive experience of being very close to Ashley Ryder, jerk it next to him and feel that hot muscled body you so crave. Take voyeurism to the next level!

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Andrei Adam isn’t your boyfriend, but he’s fit as fuck. That should be reason enough to let him bang every single hole on your body. And, since you are no fool, that’s exactly what you’re about to do. It doesn’t mind if he’s shy, doesn’t talk that much or the fact that he’s almost a stranger. Actually, that’s the point that really gets your juices flowing… So forget everything (partner included) and let Andrei do on this porn experience in Virtual Reality.

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You are the coach of the hottest guy you’ve seen in years: Thomas Friedl. Today you’ve decided you’ve had enough of this huge erection you get when you see him almost naked, so you are giving him an extra routine. A routine that will be hard to forget. So relax and let him bang every hole on your body and give you head as if there were no tomorrow till you take the warm load all over his face. You both will need a good rest after this training.

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You’ve been asking for twink gay Johannes Lars, Prowler and Best Bottom 2015 award winner, a heart-stopping blonde. In other words, the guy you’d be banging all day long. And, since your wishes are our commands, here’s him again with a VR Gay Porn solo that will totally dry you up. Tell us how to stop a massive cumshot drowning the room after watching him masturbating for you, touching all his body and enjoying his perfect ass on your face.

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Love is overrated. Sometimes you get a broken heart, sometimes it just gets to an end, anyway. But there’s something that won’t ever let you down: a hottie like Nick North all covered in oil, touching himself and caressing all his body. Something that won’t ever disappoint you is having a wank next to him, just few centimeters away. So close you can feel his hard cock on your body and definitely, watch him getting an orgasm at the same time you do; cumming together at the same second. After living this gay hot 3D experience, you’ll be pretty sure The Beatles were wrong, “All you need is oil”.